October 19, 2016

Shop eBay Like a Pro

eBay. Also known as god’s gift to broke girls round the freakin’ world.

I have been using eBay since I was literally 12. Not even joking. I’ve been broke girl-ing before I even knew it.

Back then for me it was all about finding unique vintage pieces and my budget was actually about $10 (fo reals) and I gotta say, I had scored some pretty crazy bargains (and some real weird sh*t). Nowadays, I mainly go on with a clear purpose, looking up designer brands or key pieces I LOVE (this includes home stuff too!) but can’t fkn afford in real life bcuz money/lyf.

The top 5 reasons I love using eBay & you probs should too…

1. Expensive labels you couldn’t usually afford, you can afford on eBay. Holla!

Buying labels second hand on eBay is the way to go. Scrap paying hundreds, jokes, I mean thousands for these full priced items in-store, head to eBay and you will find these labels and products at much better price margin… AND BY THAT, I mean one that we can almost afford. Not everything will be on eBay, but if you are looking for a specific item then check back once a week because chances are it will be up for sale at some point! A broke gal somewhere around the world will be cleaning out her closet, trying to make some cash-money.

2. Sold out items or old season items no longer available in-store? You can find them on eBay.

One of my favourite things is being able to find old styles on eBay or popular sold out items. There is always going to be an item you have your eyes on that goes out of stock or maybe an old season item that you adore, but you can’t find them in-store anymore. Millions of items are put up on eBay and sold everyday, from old season to new season collections. I was on the search for the perfect leather jacket and found it online at H&M UK, it sold out in one day. Straight away I went to eBay and found multiple sellers selling this leather jacket in brand new condition. I paid about the same as it was in-store. CASE CLOSED.


Another ripper find is my beloved Sass & Bide ripped boyfriend jeans. They are a few seasons old and would have sold for around $300+. I found them on eBay a year or two ago for $90 and still wear them ERRYDAY.


3. Small businesses selling on eBay. 

Small businesses trading on eBay means we are able to purchase new items from reliable sellers at a good price. They will most likely offer refunds/returns which is great and the products will be new with tags on. One of my favourite items purchased from an eBay store was the “Floral Sheer Lace Bralette” (type this copy in to find them). I purchased 3 different bralettes for $30. You would usually pay $30-$50 for these bras… EACH!


4. The world is your oyster.

You are not limited to your country. You can shop the world! Like the H&M jacket that I was unable to purchase in Australia, I purchased from a seller in the UK. Although postage may take a couple of weeks longer, it is worth the wait!

Velvet Chair

5. I basically just bought a whole house online 😐 how the hell do I get it home?

Shiply deliver errthang & anythang you want AND are a whole lot cheaper than other delivery companies. From small eBay couriers, all the way to LARGE furniture and household items (like this pink velvet chair I am on a MAD hunt for), to fragile items like full length mirrors, they do it all – srsly. Gone are the days of furniture shopping in stores too big for your budget, stuffing your boot with furniture too big for your car.

Make sure you… 

– Always read the description! Check the quality of the item, any damage to the item and the authenticity of the item.

– Check the sellers feedback! This will be the percentage they have and the comments that other buyers leave. You will find out whether or not other buyers like the products, how long shipping took, if any problems arose etc.

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