July 04, 2016

My Guide to London

Hello, terrifying exchange rate. I mean… Hello, London!

I’ll start by saying, try not to do what I did, which was double the cost of every single thing before I bought it. It will drive you absolutely nuts. It will give you a good indication of what the Australian conversion rate is, but it will mean you end up buying absolutely nothing at all and spend your days rocking back and forth in a dark corner of your room. You’re in London… TREAT YO’SELF (a little).

You must eat…

Shake Shack: I am a burger fiend. You just can’t go wrong with a classic Shake Shack cheesy and some loaded fries #hallelujah

a broke girl in london

Dark Sugars: Oh. My. God. You have to get a hot chocolate from here. YOU MUST. There is no choice in the matter. Dark Sugars will blow your mind. Go there and eat everything. I went to the one on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, which is also a really cool street for affordable vintage shopping.

a broke girl in london

The Shard: Prepare to spend some cash money, but it’s one amazing view and although the drink you buy may in fact be the most expensive drink you ever consume in your human life, IT IS DELICIOUS. If you’re a broke girl like me, head to the top for just one drink… and then run as fast you can out of there. Just joking (about the running part).

a broke girl in london

Borough Markets: These have got to be my favourite markets. I would be getting my groceries from here if I was a London gal! Think doughnuts, wine, cheese, fresh bread, fruit, and an amazing assortment of ready-to-eat food. I spent half a day here and ate everything. There’s also a coffee shop just across the road called “Monmouth”, it’s the best coffee I had in my time in London.


Forest on the Roof: I didn’t actually eat here, but I went up for a look and it’s beautiful! They theme the restaurant depending on the season. It was a full of peonies and green vines. Defs Insta worthy.

The Big Easy: They do a crazy happy hour, where all food and drink is like 2 cents. Not really, but pretty close! AMAZING sliders and cocktails for cheap. That’s what we like to hear.

Camden Lock Markets: Food trucks. That is all. Head through the market stalls, down the stairs and you’ll find heaven.

Harrods: Make sure you go to the Harrods Food Hall. I know what you’re thinking, I can’t afford that sh*t. Long and behold, YOU CAN afford something at Harrods, and it’s a Doussant. A croissant mixed with a cinnamon doughnut. It’s seriously the most messed up thing I’ve ever eaten, it is amazing. We’ve been doing it all wrong. Good riddance “croughnuts”.

Being my first time in London, I had to cross off every tourist activity I could manage. So with that said, be a full-blown tourist at…

Buckingham Palace

Royal Gardens

Trafalgar Square

Piccadilly Circus

Big Ben

Tower Bridge

The London Eye

Notting Hill

Portobello Markets

Hyde Park

Borough Markets

Camden Markets

Camden Lock Markets

Oxford Street


Westfield London

Shoreditch, Brick Lane




notting hill

My number one tip, picnic… EVERYWHERE!

My absolute most favourite thing about London was that it was bright until 10pm. It is definitely the thing I miss most. All of the cheese and the wine (and blankets) at 9pm absolutely anywhere you want – Bishop Park, Hyde Park, under Tower Bridge. You’ll save a tonne of money choosing a good spot of grass, a delicious spread and wine, rather than dining out. Plus, it’s so much fun and there are people around everywhere and ducks… heaps of ducks!

Written for Student Flights.

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