March 25, 2019

A Weekend In Sydney

I don’t really need a genuine excuse for me to justify a weekend away. Seriously. It’s a real problem. Between the complete lack of annual leave I have managed to accumulate and the health of my non-savings savings account. Don’t let that deter you. If you need help, here’s some great justifications to help you book your next trip, that always work a charm with me:

  • treat yo’self
  • you only live once
  • you’ll get paid next week
  • fuck it
  • all and any of the above

GREAT. Now let’s get down to the delicious food (and many drinks), great accommodation, events and some serious TLC and catch ups with some of my best friends.

We flew down to Sydney with Tiger. First tip. Don’t fly anywhere with Tiger. Don’t even think about flying with Tiger. I can feel you weighing it up now. STAHHHHP! Seriously, don’t. I lived through the pain, so you don’t have to. Go Jetstar or Virgin if you want to keep it on a budget. You deserve better than Tiger.

I love flying down to Sydney and gaining an hour. It’s like a free hour to watch whatever you want on Netflix with no judgement – I literally get that time back. It’s amazing. When we got to Sydney we headed straight to Surry Hills to check-in at Rydges Sydney Central. I have never actually stayed in Surry Hills before, I usually gravitate to booking in Bondi but I am so glad we didn’t this time!

Surry Hills is such a cool area and oh my god, you are pretty much surrounded by all of the most amazing cafes and restaurants. I barely grazed the surface.

Rydges there was great. We had a car park (and borrowed a friends car because Ubers suck the money/life out of you) which made it so easy to zip around everywhere on Friday (when we had 1 million things to do, of course all in different directions). They also do buffet breakfasts, which is a huge TICK from me. There’s also a pool, gym and sauna. The gym, obviously, being not the main focus of why you would book here kk. We’re here to eat, people.

On the first morning I shot with Tuchuzy, one of my favourite Sydney stores in Bondi. We did 6-7 looks for their digital content, which was lots of fun and the perfect day for it. Straight from there I headed to the Hello Molly IWD event in Barangaroo. I wore the cutest floral dress of theirs and enjoyed many lychee martinis at 10:30 in the morning. Seriously. And no. I don’t have a problem. They had an amazing woman from Dress For Success there who shared her own story, which was incredibly inspiring and really hit home how lucky we really are and how we should do anything we can to help – no matter how small it feels. The below photo was taken in Surry Hills for Forever New’s Dress For Success campaign – for every pair of pants sold, a pair were donated to the organisation.

After the Hello Molly event, we headed to Totti’s in Bondi. Definitely a highlight of the trip – a carblight, you could say. Okay, this place is amazing and if you go and don’t order multiple servings of the bread, burrata, the tomatos and the ragu, then I am mad. Really mad.

Naturally, after eating our weight in cheese, we walked down to Hotel Ravesis for more wine (and cute pic hehe). Then headed back to the hotel for the night.

That night we met some friends at The Dolphin Hotel, which is actually so cool (would go back for a long lunch) and then had dinner at Bad Hombres – a vegan mexican place. No photos to prove it, because dark and living my life. But trust me, we went! Margs and nachos were both great.

The next day is pretty much just a food tour. We (relatively hungover) went to Rueben Hills for breakfast. We were going to just get coffee but it smelt THAT good. We waited maybe 10 minutes before being seated and typically, ordered 3 meals between 2. It was delicious. The chicken brekky burger was definitely best and of course, the coffee.

Next on the Surry Hills food crawl, Poly. Oh my god. Poly was incredible. We walked their from Rydges and we definitely went at a great time. It was before the dinner rush at around 5pm, so we were seated straight away. This was for just a pre-dinner wine, but after reading the menu we couldn’t not order. We got a gouda donut. Yes. A cheese donut. Amazing. And more burrata, but this time a beetroot burrata. The wine was delicious – it is a wine bar, so they have great wines and they KNOW. THEIR. SHIT. Unlike me. I’ll still swirl the glass though.

We then continued the crawl and walked to Mark & Vinny’s Spaghetti & Spritz. I mean, the name says it all really. Carbs & spritz. It was PUMPING. If you go, definitely book a table. We were so lucky and managed to get one – seriously guys it had just turned 6pm, wat. I got the ragu and the Surry Hills Spritz (because when in Surry Hills), which were both amazing. I will definitely go back here, there are about 30 spritz on the menu and I obviously need to try them all. Also, because all of the pasta. After carb-loading, we walked back to the hotel and watched a movie in bed with a block of choc and a tea – that is living, Barry.

The next morning, we woke up early and had the hotel buffet brekky and then headed straight to the airport. It was so nice getting back home on the Sunday at 10am and having all day to “get yo life together”. Will definitely stay at Rydges Sydney Central again, there is definitely still a HUGE list of places around there I want to try and it just felt a lot more relaxing than Bondi which I liked (and cheaper).

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