Same sh*#, different name.

Prudence Kate (olla – that’s me), is the new look and home of A Broke Girl’s Blog. ABGB was created in February 2014 when I was about mid-way through my Journalism & Communications degrees. Working a (very) casual (and most likely hungover) few hours a week whilst studying, paired with a somewhat obsessive shopping habit, is where A Broke Girl’s Blog was found. It was all about showcasing affordable fashion. I had grown tired of following bloggers sharing products and brands that were unrealistic and unattainable for me and my budget.

4 years later, I have now graduated, moved out of home and of course support myself with a full time job. Given I have grown up (just a little bit), I figured it was time for broke gal to too! Prudence Kate is the new ABGB – still sharing my love of bargains and looks for less. I hope to guide and inspire the everyday girl to look a million bucks, without the price tag.