July 29, 2018

Bedroom Update

SO, we moved house two months ago and have FINALLY finished our room (minus me needing to colour coordinate my wardrobe and floordrobe).

I love keeping it simple and white. Our bedroom space here is a bit darker, so the white bed base, sheets, pillows and rugs really help brighten it up.

Another absolute must-have (as you can probably tell) is greenery. Firstly, making sure the plants you get are indoor plants and don’t need to much sun OR too much loving (mine are watered once a week). I’ve killed too many plants in my time, so I’m finally learning from my mistakes (#rip to all of those fiddle leafs). ALSO, I’ve got a mix of living faux. I got the big faux palm leaves in the vase from Ikea.

You can get good (living) plants from weekend markets. Much cheaper than the nurseries. However, if you are wanting to go somewhere that has it all and you’re Brisbane based my favourite is the Rosalie Nursery and Mappins in West End, BUT don’t get your pots here. It will cost you your right arm and your first born. Head to the Target or Kmart home and garden section. The big pot you can see in my room is from Target.

A newer addition to my room is the leather reading chair, which I LOVE. This baby is from Canningvale (and on sale might I add). I love having somewhere to lounge, do my work (write this) and it also helps you get of bed (lol, but srsly).

Lastly, a 100% must-have is a mirror. They make your room look and feel so much bigger and also a lot lighter. The more the merrier.

Next step… my closet. Our room is a bit like a studio apartment with the living area also a part of it. I love it, it feels so spacious BUT there is no built in wardrobe. At the moment I’ve got bulk Ikea clothing racks, a chest of drawers and half the floor covered with 50 pairs of shoes. SEND HELP.

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Shopping List:
Canningvale for the softest white sheets, grey throw + leather chair
Target for the pots + decor
Kmart for the white fluffy rug + decor
Ikea for the clothing racks, vase + faux green palm leaves/any artificial flowers
Gumtree for a palett bed base
Uniqfind for my laptop skin

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