June 05, 2018

My Guide to Tasmania

Before we get into all of the food and wine and food and wine consumed on this trip… I am SO excited to announce I have partnered with Jetstar Australia to bring you broke girl guides around Australia and the world. It’s a bit of a pinch me moment. Srsly. Pinch me. Okay, I’m still here.

The flight down with Jetstar Australia was pretty darn quick. Try and book early so you can get your hands/buttocks in a seat on a direct flight.

As soon as we touched down, it was wine-time. I mean go-time. Jks, it was in fact wine-time. We headed straight to the winery…

Stefano Lubiana Winery & Osteria

Before you do anything, book this place for lunch immediately. Bypass the set menu and just select from the a la carte when you arrive.

Grab a table outside, not only for the beautiful views, but also for the dog, Jack, who will most likely come and sit with you.

Good food, great wine, dogs and a pretty beautiful view – if you still haven’t booked yet, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, what are you doing with your life?

Hot tip: get the calamari. It’s messed up delicious. And the oysters. And probably the slow cooked lamb too. Okay, just get it all.

Lindisfarne Waterfront Bed & Breakfast

We booked a B&B right on the water in Lindisfarne. It was a great a spot and only a 5 minute drive to Hobart.

The hosts were so kind, and of course, whipped up a darn delicious brekky every morning.

It was $87 each a night, but when you factor in the complimentary hot brekky & coffee, it’s about $65 (cus I order lotsa sides and coffee).

Eat & Drink

I’ll be honest with you, this part is approximately 80% of the trip. Okay, 99%. Hot tip (which I go into below), BOOK YOUR LUNCHES AND DINNERS NOW. So many places on my list were completely booked out the whole time we were there. Alright, get your notepads ready. Wear elastic pants. Or get ready to pop open that top button.

Jackman & McRoss in Battery Point for coffee and pastries. Oh my god, the pastries. Definitely a cheaper brekky option, as long as you don’t order 897482374893 x items.

Frank by Franklin Wharf. Book this for lunch and get a seat by the window for a view of the water. Jks for people watching. Obvs.

Succulent Restaurant in the Royal Botanic Gardens. This is mostly for the BEA – UTIFUL view. Plus you can also walk through the gardens, which means you can eat more cake. This was a bit more exy, so I’d opt in for a coffee and share a piece of cake, or share a whole cake. Whatevs.

Flippers, because who doesn’t want to order fish and chips from a floating restaurant? The answer is, no one. Not going to lie, we came here most days for chicken salt chips. No judgment here pls. It was approx. 5 degrees, and they were like a big warm crunchy salty hug.

Okay, now for the places I wish we could have eaten at that were FULLY. BOOKED. ALL. WEEKEND.

Da Angelo Ristorante – Holy sh*t this place smelt incredible. It’s a very unsuspecting shopfront in Battery Point that we stumbled across. We went in to try and book a table, any table, any time, ANY DAY WE WERE THERE. But sadly nothing. So we ordered takeaway (still a win!). But you’ve got to dine in, this place smelt incredible and pretty decent prices.

Franklin – Like the rest of Tasmania, Franklin is real good food and wine (or so I’ve heard). Book a table for dinner. Looks like a pretty darn trendy place with cool interiors, which is always a plus.

Aloft – We were lucky enough to squeeze into a 5pm (lol, you old) booking at Glass House (below Aloft) and enjoyed dining on the water. But I imagine Aloft would have some pretty incredible views. I would chose between Glass House or Aloft, both aren’t really on budget, but enjoy a cocktail at one!

Templo – I have heard SO much about this place, and this is definitely one you need to book now. Like seriously, right now. The restaurant only holds about 20 people. You pay $65 for the chef’s menu that night. This one I am super sad we missed out on, so I hope you don’t!


Salamanca Markets are pretty touristy. If you had to cull something from your list, I would give this one a pass. It was still a fun morning activity, plus you can get fresh warm donuts (a big plus), but definitely more of a window shop rather than things I loved and really wanted to buy and definitely not one you get brekky from. More of a knick knack market. Held on Saturday mornings.

Held on a Sunday morning, the Farmgate Markets are D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. They are a small market, but are full fresh produce, flowers and food. Stop by for a donut, coffee, and take a tub of Tasmanian peanut butter home with you (or 5).


Mona is obviously a must-do. Definitely the most interesting art gallery I have ever been to. We spent about half a day here. It’s in a beautiful location. 100% want to look into Dark Mofo for next year. Nuff said.

Mount Wellington

The best surprise on this trip… SNOW!!!!!!! I’ve never been in snow before. It was such a cool surprise. We were driving up Mt. Wellington for the view, and as we got closer to the top we noticed snow falling. It was beautiful. And so freezing. But mostly beautiful. Wear a coat.

Elizabeth Wharf

Along water the Hobart is such a picturesque location. There are plenty of surrounding bars and restaurants here too. We were almost out here every day. I did not feel like I was in Australia! It reminded me of one of the canals in Copenhagen.


The best part about coming home is planning your next trip. Thank you to Jetstar Australia for this amazing opportunity! The next guide I will be working on is for Cambodia and Vietnam in January. Prepare for spam. Book your holiday in Hobart here. 


  1. Hire a car!!! I honestly don’t know what we would have done without it. It saves you SO much money on transport. Everything is a bit of a drive to get to (the wineries, MONA etc.) so you will not regret this decision. Hot tip – make sure you have coins on you. Their parking machines right in the city ONLY accept coins, it’s bonkers, but it will save you having to drive around looking for parks that accept card payment.
  2. Book your lunches and dinners now… but seriously, book now! I booked a couple before going, but all the others we thought we could book when we got there (or walk-in) were fully booked. Every night. If you know your dates, book all your meals in now. There were some great places we missed out on, so hopefully you can get yourself a prime table.


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