April 10, 2018

Eat: Gold Coast

I spent last Sunday down the coast for the night with a girlfriend, which was so nice (no boiz allowed). It seems the locals have abandoned ship while the Commonwealth Games are on so traffic was a bloody breeze – legit my best drive down yet! Now is clearly the time to go – surprisingly.

There are so many places on the coast I am yet to and really wanting to try, so we searched on OpenTable,┬áput in Sunday’s date and the time we wanted to do lunch and scrolled through the long list to make our choice! There are plenty of photos for each restaurant – which kind of makes it harder because they look all so damn good.

Top contenders were The Collective Palm Beach, The Fish House, Justin Lane + Rick Shores… of course, we ended up booking Rick Shores because we were craving them bug rolls (and ricks martinis). The food was delicious and you really can’t beat that view.

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