May 30, 2018

My Guide to Halong Bay

We flew into Hanoi with Jetstar Australia, and just a hop, skip and a jump (also known as a 5-6 hour drive) and we were in Halong Bay.

I booked this cruise through Blue Dragon Tours. It included 3 nights in Hanoi at the O’Gallery Premier Hotel (our first night was there, then two nights after the cruise), one night on the Signature Cruise (which was fkn unreal, but we will go more into that later), and then the transfers to and from Hanoi. Super easy, all inclusive booking.

Now, onto the good shit.

Signature Cruise in Halong Bay. Oh. My. Fkn. God. This was 100% the highlight of my trip.

Firstly, we were upgraded, YEW! This never happens to me. I was so excited. We had a pretty standard room booked and we were upgraded to the Senior Suite, which had a jacuzzi bath and private balcony –  the balcony was unreal, and was so nice when we wanted to get away from other guests.

As for outside of our room, the Signature Cruise is hosted on a traditional wooden boat. There are only about 12 rooms, so there aren’t too many people on it, which is great. These photos are from the main deck. It was actually SO cold. The sky was quite dull and grey (much the same as Hanoi), which made outside look and feel so eerie. It was so freakin’ beautiful. I could not even. I died. Dead.

The staff were so incredibly friendly and SO helpful. We got so many tips for Hanoi and even some recipes to take home.

The food was unreal too. Every meal was 6 courses, which was definitely too much, but oh my god it was so delicious. Every meal was so impeccably plated up, and there were some REAL weird combos which surprisingly tasted amazing (an Asian twist on spaghetti bolognese).  I would have to say it was some of the best food we had on our whole trip!

The only thing we had to pay for on the boat was any booze, which is not a problem when there’s two for one happy hours. Cha ching.


They also had a full itinerary on the boat. You could opt in or out (and it was all included). There was Tai chi in the mornings, trips to the local floating fisherman village, squid fishing at night and trips to the caves.

If there is one thing you book, please make it this. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Created in partnership with Jetstar Australia. 

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