May 25, 2018

Transit Hacks for Brisbane Airport

On the weekend I went out to Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal for the day… not to jet set off anywhere (that’ll be next time), but to play dress ups with the retailers there (still just as fun).

I love the time before a flight. When I am at the airport (and on a plane) I feel like I am on island time. There’s no night or day. You can eat what you want, shop, have a wine before midday, binge watch Netflix. Transit is like a holiday in itself.

I was super excited to work with Brisbane Airport on a fashion campaign as:

– I love to travel

– I love to make the most of my time in airports. In my view, your vacay should start as soon as you’ve checked in.

Sometimes the whole transit thing can feel a bit stressful until your plane lands and you’re sipping a mojito poolside at your destination, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.

I’ve got you covered with these airport transit hacks (in style, of course).

DRESS FOR TRAVEL. I pretty much have my airport uniform down pat (and no, I don’t work there). There is nothing worse than having to push luggage around, go through check in and survive a long-haul flight in an uncomfortable outfit – no matter how good it looks.

My go-to for airport wear is always a pair of jeans. Always opt for jeans with stretch though. That’s a vital point. Below I am in a pair of Witchery & Seed denim jeans.

Secondly, wear a jacket. Not only does wearing it give you some extra baggage allowance (#lol but true), a jacket seconds as a blanket on a plane (#winning) and helps if your fellow passenger is blasting their air-con vent. Below I am in a snugly grey Witchery jacket I picked up at the Domestic Terminal.

Last but not least, a carry all. Below I have a sleek black Mimco number. A bag this size is perfect for all of your carry-on essentials. Go for a bag that is big enough for your phone charger and some headphones, a book, moisturiser and a lip balm to avoid that dryness in the air and feel fresh, your laptop (if it’s a little one like mine –  I have a MacBook Air) and an eye mask because #sleep.

Lastly, I always wear socks and boots.  They’re easy to take off going through security and help dress up your more casual jean look.

ARRIVE EARLY. Yep, it seems so simple. And I can see my mum high-fiving herself now, so proud. But seriously, avoid that stress, running around, almost missing baggage drop-off, check-in or your flight for that matter, by simply being early. It’s not rocket science. Don’t leave it to the last minute. If I am going international I am there a minimum of 3 hours beforehand and a minimum of 1.5 hours before a domestic flight. And guess what? You’ll find me happily sipping a coffee (and/or wine), with bags of Mecca Maxima, binge-watching Riverdale before my flight happy as Larry.

SHOPPING AT BRISBANE AIRPORT. Given you’re about to embark on a plane trip full of either snoozing or staring at your phone screen for hours, why not have a break from your devices and go for a shop (you don’t need to tell me twice!)? With Witchery, Seed, Mimco,Peter Alexander, Mecca Maxima, all at your fingertips, you don’t fall short of choice at the Domestic Terminal.

 Whether you’re in need of a new look for a weekend away, or some hydrating serums for a long-haul flight, you will find everything you need… and then some. Forgot to pack something? You don’t need to wait until you arrive at your destination to get it! Use your transit time wisely to get what you need (/want) and board the plane knowing that you’ve successfully secured that pair of Seed boots, now safely in your carry on.

EAT… AND DRINK. I am strong supporter of cheese and crackers and a packet of nuts on the plane, but it doesn’t always hit the spot – right? Right. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but why not treat yourself to a little wine and dine while you’re waiting for your flight? If it’s before midday you’ll find me at Watermark Books for a good read and cup of coffee, and any time after it’s the Aviation Pier Café + Bar or the Great Northern Bar… #clink!

Everyone has an ‘almost-missed-my-flight’ airport story, but I am strong believer as soon as you’re packed and at the airport – your holiday has begun. Why not make it feel that way? You’ve arrived early, you’ve checked in and now you’re beyond security lines with plenty of time (good on you, you’re a fast learner).  There’s a HUGE range of stores you can peruse. Believe me, time will fly (mind the pun) and you’ll feel relaxed when you plan and make your vacay start early. Go for a shop, grab a coffee (and/or wine), buy a book then have a catnap while you download Netflix eps to watch offline. Genius.

Head here to check out the full range of stores at Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal. Arrive early and enjoy – RELAX! Start your holiday early. You deserve it!





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